Your Alaska road trip guide

Now is the best time

Dawson City Yukon

Dawson City, Yukon

Have you started planning YOUR trip to Alaska and the Yukon yet? The weather is fantastic, the animals are out, and everything is alive and blooming. Fairbanks was just named the #2 US travel destination by Lonely Planet, and even though they are talking about visiting in winter to see the northern lights, Fairbanks is a great jumping-off point for millions of acres of wilderness and northern adventure too.

Regardless of where you land, you can fly to Alaska direct from nearly anywhere, or make it more adventurous and take the ferry or drive. Or there are great deals on cruises that you can snag and then  hop off and continue your trip from there. With no end to what you can explore, you can find something that appeals, whatever kind of adventure you’re looking for.

Think about what you’re missing right now. Have you spied a grizzly bear in Denali National Park lately? Watched the midnight sun? Rolled into Chicken, Alaska? Or explored historic ruins left over from the gold rush? What about gone rafting down a pristine whitewater river and fished in unexplored streams? There’s so much to do, explore, and see, you could spend a lifetime trying it all.

It’s a great time to go. What are you waiting for? I’ve always tried to live by the motto that if you have the opportunity to do something you should. Who wants regrets? But sometimes you have to create your own opportunities, and just go out and do something. It’s cheaper and easier than you think. So make a plan and hit the road, the jetway, or the gangplank.

Hope to see you there.