Your Alaska road trip guide

Great day hikes near Skagway, Alaska

Day hiking is one of the great outdoor activities in Alaska, and Skagway has plenty of options. If you want to stretch your legs, you can take an easy walk out to rocky Yakutania Point. You’ll find a fantastic view down the Lynn Canal and Mt. Harding. To get there, just follow the Skagway River away from the water until you reach the footbridge, and then double back to the point.

Another great easy walk is to Lower Reid Falls out at the Gold Rush Cemetery. You’ll have to walk all the way to the north end of town and the rail yards to get to the trailhead if you don’t have a car, but then the waterfall itself is just a short walk from the cemetery, where you can see the gravestones from gold rush pioneers like Jefferson “Soapy” Smith and Frank Reid.

A more moderately strenuous hike would take you up from downtown Skagway to Lower Dewey Lake, it’s a short but fairly steep 500-foot walk up the hillside to the pretty lake, which you can walk around and then branch off on other trails. It’s only about three quarters of a mile up but about 3 miles to walk all the way around. Another moderate trail that takes off from there, and one of my favorites and most scenic, is the trail out to Sturgill’s Landing. This takes you less than 3 miles farther from Lower Dewey Lake through lush forest to reach a beach on the Lynn Canal with a beautiful view up and down the fjord.

If you’re into really strenuous treks, you can’t beat the uphill trail from Lower Dewey Lake practically straight up the mountain into the alpine zone to Upper Dewey Lake for stupendous views. Another epic uphill slog is to the top of A.B. Mountain above Yakutania Point for similar views of the Coast Mountains. Worth it but you’ll be sore the next day!

Detailed information can be found at the National Parks Visitor Center at 2nd and Broadway for hiking maps, or download one here.