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Driving to the Yukon’s capital city

There and back in a day or overnight

From Skagway you travel the beautiful Klondike Highway north to Whitehorse. You can return in a day or spend a night or two. Along the way, you’ll travel over the beautiful White Pass next to the route of the White Pass and Yukon Railway, drive past gorgeous lakes and rugged mountain peaks, explore historic Carcross, and see dazzling Emerald Lake before you explore serene Miles Canyon just outside Whitehorse. In this modern capital city of 27,300 people includes many amenities including and the numerous museums, shops and attractions. (3 – 4 hours one way)

You can take Road Trip Alaska’s Road to Emerald Lake audio tour or e-guidebook with you for the drive from Skagway to Emerald Lake. It’s a short drive from Emerald Lake to Whitehorse with an optional detour to Miles Canyon.

You will be entering the country of Canada and will need your passport or other form of ID.



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