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Alaskan wildlife quiz

Mother moose and calf

Love Alaskan wildlife? Sure, who doesn’t thrill to see an Alaskan grizzly stalking a meadow or a bull moose grazing in a bog. But do you know the answers to these questions?

  1. What bird has a wingspan TWICE that of a bald eagle? And just how big is a bald eagle anyway?
  2. What is Alaska’s success story for repopulation of the arctic?
  3. What animal can pull it’s own weight for hours on end?
  4. On what Alaskan mammal do both the male and female have antlers?
  5. How can you tell the age of a Dall sheep without asking?
  6. From where does the longest migrating Alaska animal come from and how far is it?
  7. What animal has many more aggressive human encounters than bears?
  8. One Alaskan mammal sings for dates. Who is it?
  9. Why are some King salmon white?
  10. Why is a grizzly bear called a grizzly bear?

You can find out the answers at Princess Lodge’s blog, 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alaskan Wildlife. And a great blog to follow, by the way.

Have fun on your next Alaskan safari!